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Things to remember when creating a help request

- Do some basic research before you post a request. We'll delete your request if there has been no self-research done

- Don't post gibberish.

- Provide necessary information. (see Necessary Information)  If you don't, we'll delete your request.

- Please attach necessary (text) files or use a paste site instead of copy/pasting an enormous log into the request. 

- If you see a knowledge base article that could refer to your issue, Provide a link in the request.

Necessary Information (Example):

  • Subject: 
    • Cannot load any modpacks when first opening the launcher (Descriptive but short)
  • Description: 
    • Type of Bug:
      • Launcher Bug - Issues before you start Minecraft
      • Solder Bug - Issues while trying to update/download modpacks
      • In Game Bug - Issues while playing Minecraft (crashes)
      • Platform Bug - Issues with
    • Video / Screenshot of the incident: (optional)
    • Reproduction rate: 
      • 2/10 (happened 2 out of 10 times)
    • Steps to reproduce:
      • Launched Technic Launcher
      • Observe the result
    • Expected result: 
      • Modpack images/logos should appear
    • Observed result: 
      • Nothing displays in the modpack carousel
    • Insert logs (Technic Launcher logs, Minecraft logs/crash reports):
    • Any additional info/comments



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    how do you change your username or password when you are loading it up to play the modpacks ?

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    why i'm i here on tis page some wan give me a DEV not some stupit support wose not even reading wath i say! and just links me to stupit pages that are useless!

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    Please remember that this page is NOT the place to ask for help. You can ask for help either by visiting the IRC channel or by clicking the "Submit a Request" link in the top-right corner.

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    Чтобы зайти в лаунчер, нужно иметь лицензионный аккаунт?

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    can someone help me i cant download my own modpack

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    Почему, когда я пытаюсь зайти в аккаунт в лаунчере, то появляется ошибка о неправильности пароля или логина, когда те введены правильно? Что делать?

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    What version of Windows will this run on

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    Comprei o jogo pela Microsoft e agora não consigo usar o Technic, pede para comprar outro acesso no technic. Preciso de ajuda para logar no Technic

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