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How to administrate a Platform Modpack

After you have created a modpack, it is time to add content to it.

This requires you to have a modpack zip already hosted somewhere public. Dropbox is a good start, but they quicking rate-limit or even freeze your downloads if you go over a certain limit. Hosting sites like OVH, Crissic, Linode, Digital Ocean, or BlueVM are a good choice after exhausting places like Dropbox.

Modpack Settings:


Modpack Location is the most important part of adding content to your modpack. This is the where you will put the URL that the launcher will attempt to download your pack from. (ex.

Here is a good Dropbox KB article on how to properly format your dropbox links to download.

Platform checks that the URL provided returns an HTTP code of 200 (OK) before saving the link. This is to prevent modpack creators from providing invalid links and causing errors on the launcher. 

All the other settings are straight-forward and as shown above, come with help text to describe their function.

Modpack Pages:

Modpack pages are where you can edit the description of the page shown in the launcher, along with the About, Help, and Mod Permissions pages.


Modpack Resources:

This is where you can upload the art associated with your modpack. Icon, Logo, and Background are all handled here. Optimal image sizes are described in the help text.


 Modpack Changelog:

For modpacks that do not use Solder, Modpack version management is a bit different and is handled here on the Platform. You can add new versions whenever your want and this will prompt the launcher to update by re-downloading the zip file specified at the Modpack Location. Adding a new version will post a status update on your modpack wall and also on the launcher.

You can also edit or delete previous versions after they have been added. 



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    what is a modpack zip

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    Cheese Craft

    how do I get the mod creators permission to use their mod in my modpack?

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    how do I bring back the ModPack to a previous version?

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    we have problems with ModPack! does not start!

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    My mod pack doesn't start..

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    My modpack Location won't update..

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    @Cheese Craft: 95% of the time the owner(s) of the mod will have the terms and conditions for using their mod on their mod's main page. Google "minecraft forum [mod name] mod", where [modname] is whatever mod you're looking for. Scour the mod info there for Modpack usage instructions/terms. If none are given you need to try to contact the mod owner with your request and patiently await their answer.

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    This pack will not show in the modpack index until it is properly configured. Either set a URL for a zip or configure Solder. help

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    i cant login with the cont of technic

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    it wont let me download

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    I do not know how to get the link it says the url is invalid and i dont know what link to choose /url

                                                          Plz help me 
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    Need Help I don't know how to install Forge to the Modpack it's only vanilla :(

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    Is any chance to set the "mods" page like in most official modpacks? Thanks
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    nao consigo logar no technic laucher

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    i dont get this some1 help me

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    "Error downloading a file for the following pack : GentleOnTheEyes
    Failed to download :
    Please Consult The Modpack Author"
    help pls

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    Thanks for this guide.
    What is Solder?

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