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Rules and Guidelines

The Technic Support center will be strictly for the Technic Platform ecosystem. Now this includes the following: 

  • Technic Launcher
  • Technic Platform (site)
  • Technic Forums
  • Technic Platform API
  • Technic Solder
  • Technic Solder API

Support for the Technic Launcher will strictly be for issue pertaining to:

  • Installation/Updating
  • UI (User Interface) issues
  • Packs not installing correctly (modpack author support, users will need to use the report function on the Platform site.)
  • Discover or News pages not properly displaying.
  • Portable Mode

Issues with 3rd party packs not installing/playing can be handled on the Forums or with the report feature on the Technic Platform.

Support for the Technic Platform will strictly be pertaining to:

  • Registering/Login Issues
  • Issues with any personal/Modpack pages not displaying (Whoops! error)
  • Download the Launcher
  • Posting statuses
  • Commenting on statuses or on users profile pages

Support for the Technic Forums will strictly be pertaining to:

  • Accounts (Registering/Login/Deletion issues)

Support for Technic Solder will strictly Knowledge Base related. No tickets for Solder will be accepted. Technic Solder issues will be handled on GitHub.

Support for Technic Platform/Solder API will strictly be Knowledge Base related.  No tickets will be accepted.


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    I recently upgraded to windows 10 and had Windows re-installed due to the system getting corrupt.
    And my launcher has worked ever since.
    I click on my desktop icon and the launcher opens. I'm signed in...when i click Play on any installed modpack....the files at the bottom run. And then nothing...Minecraft doesn't open in the Launcher.

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    I Have the same issue, all the downloads happen as they should when I click play the launcher disappears and then a few seconds later it reappears and nothing. This happens with all of the packs that I have in the Launcher.

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    I load up the launcher and put in my details and then it just says "Invalid credentials. Invalid username or password." But all the details are correct and I've checked them many times.
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    Minecreeperlp me too help plz

  • Avatar

    plz help me... invalid credentials... can please support answer me?!

  • Avatar

    This invalid credentials thing is happening to me as well but I think we need to send a support question or something for people to work on it.

  • Avatar

    i have the same problems and how do you fix it ???

  • Avatar

    its doing the same to me, why is no one awnsering us!?

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    Im using my mojang account credintals it says "this mojang account has no purchased copies of minecraft attached". Minecraft costs 33 dollars on mojang site. I need to buy it?! (Technic account doesn't work it says "Invalid credintals").

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    invalid credentials... how am i supposed to play CC?

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    I have now the same problem.
    Yesterday I played the Blightfall modpack on my PC.
    Today i tryed to play on my laptop, but this crushed the account to get the message "this mojang account has no purchased copies of minecraft attached"

    The most fatal thing on this i ask a friend to try the same, to verify the problem, and now we have two crushed accounts, this is not fun. please help

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    I have the same issue and i have posted 2 request relating to it.

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