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Welcome to the new Technic Support center!

Hey guys!

Welcome to the new Technic Support center! Support for our products will now happen on here instead of the Forums. Let me lay out some ground rules.

The Technic Support center will be strictly for the Technic Platform ecosystem. Now this includes the following: 

  • Technic Launcher
  • Technic Platform (site)
  • Technic Forums
  • Technic Platform API
  • Technic Solder
  • Technic Solder API

Support for the Technic Launcher will strictly be for issue pertaining to:

  • Installation/Updating
  • UI (User Interface) issues
  • Packs not installing correctly (modpack author support, users will need to use the report function on the Platform site.)
  • Discover or News pages not properly displaying.
  • Portable Mode

Issues with 3rd party packs not installing/playing can be handled on the Forums or with the report feature on the Technic Platform.

Support for the Technic Platform will strictly be pertaining to:

  • Registering/Login Issues
  • Issues with any personal/Modpack pages not displaying (Whoops! error)
  • Download the Launcher
  • Posting statuses
  • Commenting on statuses or on users profile pages

Support for the Technic Forums will strictly be pertaining to:

  • Accounts (Registering/Login/Deletion issues)

Support for Technic Solder will strictly Knowledge Base related. No tickets for Solder will be accepted. Technic Solder issues will be handled on GitHub.

Support for Technic Platform/Solder API will strictly be Knowledge Base related.  No tickets will be accepted.

I will be working swiftly to add as many Knowledge Base articles as possible, please be patient as the system is populated with information. If you do not see an article pertaining to an issue that you have. Please make sure that the issue can not be handled elsewhere first. We reserve the right to delete tickets/requests that are lazy in effort.




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    hello supports, i'v same problem with loging in to the laucher, im singed in to the website but i cant sing in to the launcher cause invalid user or pass.
    lots of thanks for help :*

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    i can't log in to the launcher it just says invalid credentials

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    Can someone provide me with instructions on how to delete my Technic Platform account? Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Thank you @EnderWitch31 but my problem is still there. It keeps saying invalid credidentials.

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    Hello, I need some help. I installed Crafting Dead and when I turn it on techniclauncher turns off and after like 5 seconds it turns on, but the game isnt starting.

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    i am unable to login to the client it says invalid credential every time even though i just logged into the minecraft client with the same login.

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    why i cant login ? It says invalid name or passworld and i know everithing is fine pls help me ......

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    it wont let me log on with my minecraft account on the launcher. i get invalid username or password even though it is correct.

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    When I load up my tekkit launcher on my mac book its just a logo in the middle of my screen doing nothing. It just sits there and does nothing, I can't even interact with it.

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    me Technic launcher is offline i cant download mod pack pls help me :(

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    Im having a problem, when i shut my computer down and turn it back on and launch technic all the modpacks are either gone or say i need to download them, but in the .technic folder all of the mod packs are still there any help?

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    i got a new email but i cannot change it it just shows a block when hover over the email in edit profile i did enter the password whare it says enter current pasword to change email or password but its still showing that block icon

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    I have a problem with the serious technic! Every time I install a modpack, and then click on play it loads more will not. You can help me urgently!

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    nao consigo logar minha conta do minecraft ao technic

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    hay I have a problem when ever I try to open a mod pack and it just gose through the loading stuff and it just doesn't open it like crashes I have a 64 bit laptop and I have it as 3 GB ram

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    My skin does not appear in technic, I tried to change it, use other models but it does not work, it does not appear on the website or the launcher, but when I open the normal minecraft I'm with the skin, and only in the technic that does not appear

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    hey, technic staff, whenever i play hexxit pack, it seems fine for a few minutes until i am sent out with the message "shutting down internal servers" and then i am unable to play anymore. i tried quitting then playing again, even reinstalling the modpack but still no luck. any help? thanks.

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    Evrey time i try to luanch a modpack on the the luancher it says i cant and that im only using 1GB of ram and that it needs 2GB. When i try to increse the 1GB limite in luancher settings i cant go past 1GB even though my laptop supports 8GB of ram. Can eney body help?

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