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Welcome to the new Technic Support center!

Hey guys!

Welcome to the new Technic Support center! Support for our products will now happen on here instead of the Forums. Let me lay out some ground rules.

The Technic Support center will be strictly for the Technic Platform ecosystem. Now this includes the following: 

  • Technic Launcher
  • Technic Platform (site)
  • Technic Forums
  • Technic Platform API
  • Technic Solder
  • Technic Solder API

Support for the Technic Launcher will strictly be for issue pertaining to:

  • Installation/Updating
  • UI (User Interface) issues
  • Packs not installing correctly (modpack author support, users will need to use the report function on the Platform site.)
  • Discover or News pages not properly displaying.
  • Portable Mode

Issues with 3rd party packs not installing/playing can be handled on the Forums or with the report feature on the Technic Platform.

Support for the Technic Platform will strictly be pertaining to:

  • Registering/Login Issues
  • Issues with any personal/Modpack pages not displaying (Whoops! error)
  • Download the Launcher
  • Posting statuses
  • Commenting on statuses or on users profile pages

Support for the Technic Forums will strictly be pertaining to:

  • Accounts (Registering/Login/Deletion issues)

Support for Technic Solder will strictly Knowledge Base related. No tickets for Solder will be accepted. Technic Solder issues will be handled on GitHub.

Support for Technic Platform/Solder API will strictly be Knowledge Base related.  No tickets will be accepted.

I will be working swiftly to add as many Knowledge Base articles as possible, please be patient as the system is populated with information. If you do not see an article pertaining to an issue that you have. Please make sure that the issue can not be handled elsewhere first. We reserve the right to delete tickets/requests that are lazy in effort.




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    i STILL NEED HELP i thought i had fixed it myself but i put my password and username in and it had said MY USER NAME OR PASSWORD IS INCORRECT and i changed my password THREE TIMES and my current password works on the minecraft site but not the technic launcher. Please help me

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    Whenever I try to launch the tekkit launcher it says that I need to reset the launcher! How do I do this, and if I do do this, will I loose all my worlds and mod packs?

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    I have tried and tried but the Technic Launcher is not working for me. 1. There are not the right amount of Mod Packs already in the launcher when i installed it. 2. the launcher will start up fine but then when i press play it will load and then when its done it looks like it crashes. I have tried many things to fix this but nothing has helped. If anyone knows why this is happening please help me.

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    hey if anybody is still having invalid credentials use the email that your mojang account is connected to in the username part when you install and open the launcher! hope this helps it worked for me

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    I need help with a problem every time I try to download a mudpack it shows up failed to download minecrfat resource and I try to make an acception in my Kaspersky and I does the same thing so I cant even use my technic launcher for the mods> :'( pls HELP!!!

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    As i try to open the launcher it gives an error message: Auth Servers Inaccessible. An error occurred while attempting to reach
    Things worked just fine until yesterday morning.

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    hey, I'm new here, I'm having trouble getting the launcher to load. after I down load it and try to run the program it refuses to load and doesn't bring up any error messages or anything

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    same with me, invalid credentials

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    Sign in with the email that you use for your mojang account! Use the email as the username and then put your password for your minecraft account!

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    Hello, I have a fairly annoying problem: I can't login to the technic website with my minecraft account but i login just fine on the technic launcher, if anyone has some insight on how to fix it or at least even a clue about it please help me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    not installed Technicpack me, I give the file em downloaded from the download area and does not work

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    NO I can log into My Account place USER NAME AND PASSWORD BUT EVEN incorrect Q I HAVE JA Redefined PASSWORD

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    I can't login at all, I use the correct username and password yet it rejects it

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    I can not get the launcher to open it says invalid screen name and password....HELP!!!

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    Hi guys,

    I'm new around here and I've just downloaded the launcher on to my macbook but now the launcher won't let me login. It's telling me that my username or password is incorrect. Which I have typed in all the credentials correctly every time. Why is this happening?

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    hello i can not login with my minecraft details i am 100% sure that these are the good details can u help me?

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    I'm having trouble with launching the Technic Pack on Lubuntu 16.04_Live, every time i either try to install or launch it, it triggers a semi-restart where it loads everything over again and brings me back to the login screen (everything is closed and nothing is saved afterwards) I'm using a USB flash drive to run Lubuntu if that information helps (everything is up to date as well, and i'm using OpenJDK 8 ver 1.8.0_91)

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    It keeps saying my details/information is incorrect and i reset my password twice

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    The techniclauncher won't open

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    The launcher says my username/password is wrong even though I've reset my password 3 time now!

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    I can't Log into technic launcher. It keeps telling me invalid credentials. It won't save my log in info and hasn't worked for over 2 weeks. please help ME!

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    I installed the technic launcher, but when i try to login it says invalid credentials or password. Although it will let me login on the website.
    Please, help me

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    Hi. I have played with the Technic Platform for many years, but when I recently tried to reinstall it, the launcher wont open. It freezes on the loading bit, saying {Downloading Launcher Asset: OpenSans=Cyl 0%} and than wont do anything. And it apparently never actually opens the program cus the icon doesn't appear down on my bar, so I can;t even close it. Not sure what to do here. I've tried re-Downloading but it didn't help. Any suggestions? I'd hate to loose the launcher. I have a lot of good memories here.

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    I've been trying to log into the Technic Launcher for the last hour. It keeps saying I have invalid credentials but nothing is wrong, I uninstalled and redownloaded the launcher and the problem consisted.

    I was wondering if you could help with my problem?

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    Why register account then on it to invalid account information and password

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    ola eu gostaria de saber como mudar o nome da minha conta no Technic Launcher por favor se alguém souber como fazer isso poderia por favor me diga

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    Hey Technic Support
    I am having trouble changing my email to my current email address,
    i try to put in my password to change my email and i have tried changing my password but it is still locked if you can send help please contact me at

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    Hello, I am not able to log in the application says that the password and the login are incorrect already tried in several ways to enter more the problem continues what can I do?

    Olá, não consigo iniciar sessão no aplicativo diz que a senha eo login estão incorretos já tentei de várias maneiras para entrar mais o problema continua o que posso fazer?

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